Santa Maria di Leuca Caves

Caves of Santa Maria di Leuca

Sea caves are created by the mechanical action of the waves, which disgregate the rock with the force of impact and erosion of debris that can drag, and, above all, by the action of chemical corrosion that marine waters, especially if mixed with rainwater, can exercise on the rock, together with the biological action operated by marine organisms. They are generally cavities of a few meters or tens of meters of development, although they can open, sometimes, with large portals.

Excursions with departure from Santa Maria di Leuca in Salento

Santa Maria di Leuca is well known, and not only in Italy, for its enchanting landscape beauties. A crystal clear sea bathes its coasts in layers and breaks in the numerous caves present both on the eastern and western side.

Caves, bays and secret coves full of magic and protagonists of many legends.

Easily accessible by boat, or swimming for fans of diving and diving. Visit these beautiful caves by renting a boat or raft or by making you guide by wonderful guided excursions

Immerse yourself in the pristine landscapes of the bays and coves of golden sand and be surprised by the reflections of the sun and the play of light in the caves that open onto the sea. Awaiting you are expanses of starfish and a universe waiting to be discovered.


The coastline forms in the surroundings many beautiful caves (which can be visited from the sea with guided excursions or by renting boats); just outside the pier, under the square of the lighthouse, the two caves (communicating with each other and with an inner cavity) of Cazzafra, reachable also by swimming. Beyond Punta Ristola, on the Adriatic coast then, there are the beautiful caves of the Devil, the River, Treporte, Giants and the Stable; further away, near Torre Marchiello, the large cave called the Dragon (from the shape of a rock to the left of the entrance): you land in a large cavity, with a rock in the center with large stalagmite. 

For those who go to this place is essential not to enjoy the attractive panorama and the high and jagged coastline, where the sea laps the thousands of cavities hidden in the rock, where bays and fjords offer shelter to boats.