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COMUNE DI CASTRIGNANO DEL CAPO Via Municipio 73040 Castrignano del Capo Tel.0833751068[email protected]
Resident population: 5,422 (M 2,572, F 2,850) Density per sq km: 267.5 Area: 20.27 sq km Fractions: Giuliano di Lecce, Marina di Leuca and Salignano (can be indicated directly in a postal address) CAP 73040 
PORTO TURISTICO LEUCA Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo,26 73040  Marina di Leuca Tel.0833.758687

[email protected]

Latitudine 39° deg 47’, 60 N – Longitudine 18° deg 21’,76 E  N.posti barca: 760  Contatto: Responsabile ormeggi, Dott. Angelo Rosafio Canale VHF: 12 Opening Hours: Continuous Hours Maximum Mooring Depth (meters): 7.5 Maximum Mooring Length (meters): 40 Maximum Speed ​​inside the port (knots): 2 Port Description: It is a marina defended by a pier forane with three arms oriented for SW. From the root of the breakwater a quay about 132 long from which the floating piers branch off. The entire port area currently occupies over 760 berths. 
PRO LOCO LEUCA Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 73040 Marina di Leuca Tel.0833.758011[email protected]
The Pro Loco has the task of promoting, protecting and supporting its territory.The main objectives are: the organization of tourist-cultural initiatives, the rediscovery of traditions, the re-enactment of history, the conservation of archaeological, cultural and architectural, the exaltation of the typical food and wine of the country, hospitality, assistance and information for tourists. 
PROVINCIA DI LECCE Via Umberto I, 13  73100  Lecce N.Verde800-242815[email protected]
The province of Lecce is a province of Puglia with 814,495 inhabitants, the second most populous in the region after that of Bari. It is totally included in the geographical region of Salento and is the easternmost in Italy. 97 municipalities belong to the province of Lecce. 
SALENTOINBUS  Via Umberto I, 13  73100  Lecce   Tel.345 0101095[email protected]
“SalentoinBus” is an initiative of the Province of Lecce to meet the demand for particularly intense tourist mobility in the summer period. The service, active from June to September, allows interested visitors to easily reach the main tourist and seaside resorts of Salento (Otranto , Gallipoli, S. Maria di Leuca) and the coastal areas with high seasonal population density (Porto Cesareo, Torre dell’Orso, coast road Gallipoli Sud, coast road S. Cesarea, Castro, S. Maria di Leuca) without the need to have its own vehicle.