Cave of the Tre Porte

Surely one of the most beautiful on the western side. The name recalls the three imposing arches that characterize it. The height of the vault is about 8 meters. Inside, the seabed is rocky and in some places the rocks are outcropping. Of the three accesses, only the central one is without rocks on the bottom. The seabed is rocky inside with only 2-3 meters deep while outside it is sandy, becoming gradually deeper.

grotta delle tre porte santa maria di leuca

A small river named Duden

grotta delle tre porte santa maria di leuca

A small river named Duden

Cave Tre Porte Santa Maria di Leuca

All day it is possible to witness beautiful plays of light inside the cave. Exploring it, smaller internal cavities are discovered. In its vicinity, in summer, the sea is almost always calm, but in winter it is often overwhelmed by the waves of the spectacular storm surges that can be admired from the viewpoint of Punta Ristola. The waves violently crash against her creating a foam show.

Main advantages in participating in excursions to the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca:
1. Make use of a local guide
2. To be able to choose between different itineraries
3. Excursions for groups of up to 50 people
4. Explore enchanting places

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