Book your Boat Tour

Send us a message with all the useful information: Tour, Date, Time and Number of Passengers. The reservation will be confirmed only after the reply by email or phone call from one of our operators. We will reply as soon as possible. It is essential to read and respect the regulations at the bottom of the page.


    Browsing speed must always be moderate. In port the speed limit is generally set at 3 knots.


    Minimum distance from the coast for navigation, 100 meters from the high coast and 200 meters from the low coast.


    It is forbidden to enter and anchor inside the caves, keep a distance of at least 200 meters from the coast


    Stay away from the crowded places of boats and swimmers. Respect the distance of 100 meters from a scuba buoy. Respect the sea areas reserved for bathing by staying outside the boundary buoys of the same.


    Check the amount of fuel available before setting off


    Carry out maneuvers with the boat without compromising the safety of swimmers and passengers



    Respect for the nautical world shouldn’t even appear in the list: The yachtsman goes in search of beauty and clean sea.



    Distribute the weights (passengers and luggage) well inside the boat



    Respect the return time, a delay can cause a false alarm.




    Take care of the boat using it with care.