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Starting from the port of Santa Maria di Leuca we will reach, by boat, the most famous caves of Salento. The navigation includes a visit to the splendid Salento coast and the numerous inlets and caves that characterize it. We will accompany you along the coast with several stops for swimming and offering you an aperitif on board and / or the possibility of disembarking in the port along the coast to have lunch in a restaurant with a la carte menu (not included in the price). You will have an exclusive boat or dinghy with skipper who will accompany you in this experience.
This is a daily excursion starting in the morning and returning in the afternoon.

It is a daily excursion starting in the morning and returning in the afternoon.

The excursion does not include access to the cave. In fact, it can only be accessed on foot. For info and reservations look at the bottom of the page.

The legend of the Zinzulusa cave

“The legend of the Zinzulusa cave refers to a natural cavity discovered in 1793 located along the Salento coast, near Castro, and famous for its clear waters. Popular tradition tells that once, near the place, the Baron lived di Castro, lord of the lands around the town, a cruel and evil character, as well as very rich, who for his wickedness left his wife to die of pain and made his poor daughter dress only in rags. His avarice and greed were such that, despite the large amount of money with which he was provided, he preferred to accumulate goods rather than spend some money to dress his daughter. The child, lacking the care and paternal and maternal love, grew gloomy and sad. One day, however, a good fairy appeared in front of the child, and gave her a wonderful dress, tearing the old and worn one she was wearing. The rags (in dialect zinzuli) flew with the wind until it rsi on the walls of the cave, where they petrified. From that moment, the cave, precisely because its ends were adorned with those rags of clothing, was called Zinzulusa. The Baron, on the other hand, was thrown by the fairy into the depths of the water below the cave, and where he lay down, they sprang from the seabed of the infernal waters, creating the small lake called Cocito; according to legend, the crustaceans that witnessed this event were blinded forever. Instead the little girl married a rich and good prince, and her life changed forever. “

Article from: https://www.villaggipuglia.com/articoli-grotta-zinzulusa-leggenda.php


Grotta Zinzulusa has been open to the public since 1957 and is visited by 100,000 people every year. In 1999 it was included in the list of the 10 most important cavities in the world.This extraordinary rock casket, in fact, contains numerous prehistoric traces, paleontological and palethnological finds and is intensely populated by rare and delicate species: 26 aquatic and 40 terrestrial species.

escursioni santa maria di leuca grotta zinzulusa
escursioni santa maria di leuca grotta zinzulusa
Main advantages in participating in excursions to the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca:
1. Make use of a local guide
2. Poter scegliere tra diversi itinerari
3. Excursions for groups of up to 50 people
4. Explore enchanting places
Come and live with us one of the most beautiful experiences of your vacation.

Exploring Salento means immersing yourself in unspoiled nature but also being pampered by the hospitality of the locals; participate in the many events related to local tradition and taste tasty and genuine food. There are many guided tours and excursions that can be done in this splendid location. Take part in excursions to the caves in Santa Maria di Leuca, admire the Salento coast. This is what Puglia, with its culture and unspoiled nature, offers you to amaze and enchant you.



Useful info: Access is only on foot from Piazzale Zinzulusa by purchasing the ticket at the ticket office; For reservations: contact the telephone number 0836943812; The visit is compulsorily guided and lasts about 30 minutes; - the route is about 150 meters long.

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