Salento Santa Maria di Leuca Residences – THE COURTS OF BEGIO -Patù (Le)

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The Courts of Begio

“Le Corti di BEGIO” is a residential complex consisting of a manor house and four residential areas, dating back to 1700. The buildings overlook courtyards, in which rural activities took place in the past, of which visible traces remain in the cellars and in the underground deposits.

Inserted in the very quiet historic center of Patù, this complex looks like a “village within a village”, with high dry stone walls on three sides. A large garden opens up between the buildings and these walls, with a swimming pool, flower beds and Mediterranean plants. The conservative restoration, in addition to the rehabilitation of the structures according to the original style, focused on the eco-sustainability of the complex with, among other things, the reactivation of the rainwater tanks, the systems with almost zero environmental impact, such as photovoltaics. and water heating with solar panels. The residences are independent and of different surfaces, but can also be combined in various ways, according to the needs of the guests. Large internal and external private spaces allow privacy and relaxation. The heated swimming pool allows swimming even out of season, while in a few minutes by car you can reach beaches or cliffs on the crystalline waters of the Ionian or Adriatic. Salento, rich in architecture, culture and good gastronomy, is a territory worthy of exploration.

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The Courts of Begio – Via A. Diaz, 6 -73053- Patù (Le) Italy

tel 1: (+39) 346 7407402
tel 2: (+39) 346 7405275

le corti di begio patù

A small river named Duden

le corti di begio patù

A small river named Duden

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