Rubber Boats Rental without Skipper

Rubber Boats Rental without Skipper

Piccola Nautica offers the possibility to rent a dinghy, comfortable, fast and efficient, and spend a day in total freedom to discover the beautiful places along our coast.

noleggio gommoni santa maria di leuca

A small river named Duden

noleggio gommoni santa maria di leuca

A small river named Duden

Come and live with us one of the most beautiful experiences of your vacation.

The ideal vehicle for divers, young customers. Fast, sporty and fast on the move. These are fast and easy to drive vehicles, with fiberglass hull and console with central steering wheel. Their length f.t. it ranges from 6 m (40 hp motorized) to 9 m (300 hp motorized) and are complete with: cushions, awning, ladder and safety equipment for navigation within 1 mile from the coast. These vehicles satisfy even the most demanding, as they are the latest generation of inflatable boats. You can choose the size that best suits your needs, in fact we can provide you with inflatable boats without the obligation of a boat license and larger vehicles with the obligation of a boat license. Remember to always be cautious at sea and to respect the fundamental rules of sailing safely.

Main advantages in participating in excursions to the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca:
1. Make use of a local guide
2. To be able to choose between different itineraries
3. Excursions for groups of up to 50 people
4. Explore enchanting places
Rubber Boats Rental without Skipper


For those who rent without skipper are:

Navigation speed must always be moderate, in port the speed limit is generally set at 3 knots;
Minimum distance from the coast for navigation, 100 meters from the high coast and 200 meters from the low coast.
It is forbidden to enter and anchor inside the caves, keep a distance of at least 200 meters from the coast.
Stay away from places crowded with boats and swimmers.
Respect the distance of 100 meters from a scuba buoy.

Respect the sea

areas reserved for bathing by staying outside the boundary buoys of the same.
Check the amount of fuel available before setting off.
Carry out maneuvers with the boat without compromising the safety of swimmers and passengers.

Respect for nature – Respect for nature should not even appear in the list: the yachtsman goes in search of beauty and clean sea.
Distribute the weights (passengers and luggage) well inside the boat.
Respect the return time, a delay can cause a false alarm.
Take care of the boat, using it with care.
The unit is delivered fully efficient and in a good state of navigability, complete with all the documentation, safety certifications and equipment required by current legislation (Article 54 and Annex V of Ministerial Decree 146/2008) for pleasure boating by 1 mile from the coast.

The conductor is responsible

for the conduct of navigation and assumes responsibility and risks. Before departure, he is required to personally check the conditions of the rented unit and to request information on local regulations and on the existence of any dangers or unreported prohibitions.
It is forbidden to transport third parties for consideration.

USEFUL NUMBERS +39 3383003529 +39 335 6114637 COAST GUARD – Emergency at sea 1530

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noleggio gommoni santa maria di leuca

Boat rental with or without driver in Santa Maria di Leuca

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