Cave of the Soffio


Also called the spray. It is located within a large inlet (Ortocupo) with a large cavity in the center about 40 meters above sea level. Everything suggests that in ancient times there was water that flowed into the sea. It feels like being on the set of an adventure movie. Below are some caves which are the real surprise of the tour. One of these can be visited by swimming, called “Cave of the soffio – Cave of the spray” from the water games that are formed thanks to the high tide. The entrance is at the surface of the water, to cross it you need to dive for a second. Once inside the show is indescribable.

Grotta del Soffio santa maria di leuca

A small river named Duden

Grotta del Soffio santa maria di leuca

A small river named Duden

Cave of the Soffio Santa Maria di Leuca

Inside this cavity you can admire unforgettable plays of light. At the bottom of the inlet we have two narrow and high caves. They are connected to each other by a horse stirrup swimming path that goes for 50 meters that will leave an indelible memory in the eyes of those who walk it. Summer is one of the most crowded places with boats and swimmers. The depth of the sea is about 10 meters, but it feels like you can touch the bottom with your feet. On the windiest days this cove turns out to be one of the most sheltered from the wind.

Main advantages in participating in excursions to the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca:
1. Make use of a local guide
2. To be able to choose between different itineraries
3. Excursions for groups of up to 50 people
4. Explore enchanting places

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