Cave Gabbiani


After the Terradico cave, a high sheer wall leads you inside the cave of the Gabbiani. You can see water drains that gave birth to the stalactites and the presence of fresh water attracts several birds that frequent the cave to quench their thirst.

grotta dei gabbiani santa maria di leuca

A small river named Duden

grotta terradico santa maria di leuca

A small river named Duden

Cave of the Gabbiani Santa Maria di Leuca

Above this cave you can see the silent presence of a navy radar that has been monitoring ship traffic off the coast of Santa Maria di Leuca for decades. The discerning visitor will notice that along the coast, in the lower part, the sea has created a furrow on the shore. The continuous activity of the sea inexorably shapes the coast.

Main advantages in participating in excursions to the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca:
1. Make use of a local guide
2. To be able to choose between different itineraries
3. Excursions for groups of up to 50 people
4. Explore enchanting places

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