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app mappa santa maria di leuca

Leuca city tour tourist app Santa Maria di Leuca

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LEUCA CITY TOUR is the app for all those who want to better enjoy a holiday in Santa Maria di Leuca and its surroundings.

LEUCA CITY TOUR provides you FREE with all the information you need to enjoy all the attractions in the area.

The GEO location feature will tell you your exact distance from each point to reach: you can find each point of interest thanks to the map!

LEUCA CITY TOUR also offers you descriptions of all points of interest during your shore and boat excursions

For iOS and Android devices.

Choose the LEUCA CITY TOUR app as a Guide to Santa Maria di Leuca and neighboring towns!


The description of the natural beauties and the wonderful history of the place: a practical guide completely free and complete with maps, photos and descriptions, news and curiosities about historical places and characters.


A collection of factsheets on tourist-type structures such as hotels, restaurants, bathing establishments, shopping and much more. The information is all cataloged into categories for quick research and consultation.


How to reach and move around the area and discover all its beauties. You can consult information or find out where to rent boats, gozzo boats or scooters or find a taxi or bus immediately.


app mappa santa maria di leuca

Alex Kotomanov / Unsplash

app mappa santa maria di leuca

Lucas Ludwig / Unsplash

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