Santa Maria di Leuca is a populous seaside area, with an ancient port and a fabulous seafront, full of oleanders and villas in liberty style often mixed with an eclectic Moorish style. 

Even those who have never had the luck, or the possibility, to visit one of the most famous and characteristic places of Salento, can easily imagine how much wealth is contained in this small village. Natural richness, of course, but also artistic, cultural and historical!

This place is particularly renowned and frequented especially for its uncontaminated sea with beautiful colors. In Santa Maria di Leuca there are beaches with cliffs overlooking the sea, which hide, in their embrace, isolated coves and bays of wild beauty.

noleggio barche santa maria di leuca

Leuca is particularly appreciated for its numerous sea caves, ravines that mother nature has not skimped on the entire perimeter.

Entering them means dreaming, going back millions of years, where the nature of things was shaped by the slow flow of time! There, the water takes on a utopian language, where the traveler finds it hard to understand the direction.

Many local businesses offer the service of boat trips or boat rental in Salento. It is possible to visit these wonderful caves through guided excursions or renting a boat with skipper, without skipper or renting rubber dinghies.

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