Punta Ristola, Meliso and the caves of the bay - Santa Maria di Leuca - Salento - Puglia

Punta Ristola and Punta Meliso - are the two points that define the small bay that contains the center of Leuca. The extreme heel of Italy can be identified with Punta Ristola (just look at a chart or a satellite photo). Punta Meliso is considered the point of separation between the Adriatic coast (to the east) and the Ionian coast (west). This convenient simplification reported by legends, writings and beliefs that consider dividing line between the waters of the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. In fact, the official boundary between the two seas is given by the Strait of Otranto, which is the narrow channel between the eastern point of Italy (Punta Palascia) and Albania. But, beyond the conventions, the fact that from Santa Maria di Leuca is visible under certain sea conditions, a line of longitudinal separation, easily distinguishable chromatically (due in fact to the meeting between the currents from the Gulf of Taranto and those from the Strait of Otranto), has always suggested the popular imagination a physical boundary between the two seas.

Grotte Cazzafri

The toponymy Greek, means "house of foam." Are three holes, overlooking the bay of the west and especially at sunset offer a play of light.

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Grotta del Diavolo

The cave "of the Devil" is located on Punta Ristola, measuring forty feet in length and seventeen in width and leads directly to the sea.

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Grotta Porcinara

Near Punta Ristola is the so-called cave 'Porcinara' or 'Janitor', of historical importance, as archaeologists in the area have found a double wall structure, the eschera.

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