The Salento

Salento is the most southern part of Puglia, that is the heel of Italy's boot. With the name Salento it mainly indicates the province of Lecce and part of the province of Brindisi and Taranto. It is bathed by a beautiful sea: Adriatic on the east coast, Ionian on the west coast. The places of greatest interest are: Santa Maria di Leuca, Castro, Santa Cesaria Terme, Otranto, Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo.

It is flat with small hills, called Serre and grouped together give that characteristic appearance that takes the name of Murge Salentine. The beauty of the coasts, the clean sea and the mild climate represent the strengths of our peninsula.

Salento is certainly a Mediterranean land also in the climate, with mild temperatures in winter and hot in summer. The average annual temperature varies between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade. In August, the hottest month, you can also add 40 degrees centigrade. Sunny days are a constant in this area where the sirocco wind, hot and humid, is the master.

From Otranto to S. Maria di Leuca we admire one of the most beautiful coastal stretches of Italy. High and rocky coast, full of caves, a clean sea with clear water; a fresh green around with ever more shaded pine forests: here is the landscape of Salento with many faces and many colors.

The beautiful churches and the elegance of the buildings, have earned it the title of capital of the Baroque style. Salento is a territory where the olive, the vine and the orchards are a great wealth. A past full of history has left many traces. The sites that can be visited dating back to prehistoric times are scattered throughout the territory.

Il Salento


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