Boat trip Santa Maria di Leuca - Salento - Puglia - The coast and the caves - Adriatic Sea


  • Use a local guide
  • Choose between different routes. Tours for groups up to 50 persons
  • Explore beautiful places
  • Choose a guided tour means you can better appreciate the beauty of the coast and the sea of Santa Maria di Leuca.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to go by boat in the company of one of our drivers who will accompany you to discover the caves that characterize our coast. You can choose to visit the east side or the west side, or both, or you can choose to personalize your trip and make it even more extraordinary.


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The tour lasts 2 hours. After crossingPunta Meliso and the lighthouse you will see the caves and coves along the coast for about 7 km. It is included a stop for swimming that permits you to visit "the cave of the splash"(Grotta dello spruzzo) with its light, or "the cave of the well" or "lake"(Grotta del laghetto), where after climbing on the rocks you can see a small lake of a blue fluorescent colour.

Grotta dei Gabbiani

Inside there are drains of sweet water  which forms  stalactites and there are many birds

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Grotta Terradico

or the Indians, is famous for its triangular shape, similar of a indian tent. In reality it is not a single cave, but a complex of 3 cavities of various sizes.

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