Things not to miss during a stopover in Bari

The province of Bari

Bari, the capital of the Apulia region in southern Italy, is an important tourist stop for cruises in the Adriatic. Its active and modern port welcomes cruise ships of big companies like MSC Cruises and Costa Crociere, but also yachts and other small pleasure boats. To spend an unforgettable stopover in Bari, follow the guide.

Unmissable visits during a stop in Bari

When you arrive at the port of Bari, it takes 20 minutes on foot to reach the city center. You can also go by shuttle or taxi. Start your visit in the historic center. In the heart of the historic center is the famous Basilica of San Nicola, built in 1197 in the typical Romanesque style of Puglia. The religious building houses the relics of St. Nicholas of Myra, patron saint of the city. Nearby, contemplates the church of San Gregorio built between the tenth and eleventh centuries.

Continue your walk in Bari to the Norman-Swabian castle, symbol of the city. Built by the Normans in the 12th century to protect the city, this medieval fortress has been expanded several times throughout history. Today it is used to host exhibitions, concerts and festivals.

After exploring the historic center of Bari, continue with a visit to the modern city. Then take a walk in Piazza Ferrarese, surrounded by remarkable buildings such as the Palazzo dell'Antica Pescheria and the Palazzo Starita. Before reaching the port, walk a stretch of 10 km of the promenade overlooking the beach and the dam.

It is also possible to take a tour of the city of Bari with a small tourist train. For your next beach holiday, discover on a wide choice of Mediterranean cruises that call in the city of Bari.
Discover the trulli of Alberobello

The cruises that call at Bari are an opportunity to discover the trulli. It is a type of conical construction in dry stone, characteristic of Puglia. These homes have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. To enjoy these trulli you can organize a bus trip to the village of Alberobello, located about 50 kilometers from Bari.

Once in Alberobello, take a walk in the Monti district, where there are almost 1,000 trulli used as a home or craft shop. Visit also the Aia Piccola district, which preserves around 400 authentic trulli. These tours are also an opportunity to buy handmade products and taste the specialties of Puglia, including orecchiette, a kind of pasta in the shape of small ears with turnip tops.
Excursion to Matera, the "city of the Sassi"

Reachable in about an hour by car from Bari, the city of Matera is an excellent option for an excursion during the airport. Located on the edge of Basilicata, this medieval city impresses with its churches and the rupestrian monasteries built in the "Sassi", an urban complex formed by terraced caves.

These amazing geological formations have been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Thanks to their authenticity and their mysterious atmosphere, they were used as scenery for the Mel Gibson film "The Passion of Christ" of 2004. In Matera you can also discover houses, shops and stables carved out of the rock.
Enjoy a trip to the village of Locorontodo

From Bari it is possible to discover the village of Locorontodo also by bus. About an hour's drive separates these two cities. At Locorontodo, explore the old city through Porta Napoli and admire its "cummerse", traditional and narrow, rectangular white houses with sloping roofs made of chiancarelle.

Then he walks through a maze of winding streets to the central square. Along the way, take the time to visit some important churches such as the Cathedral of St. George of the nineteenth century and the Church of Our Lady of the Greca dating from the twelfth century. Before returning to Bari, stop at one of the restaurants in the village to taste local specialties. For example, try u tridd, a dish of fresh pasta in broth with pecorino cheese and parsley.



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